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Q- I have a business, but am not overly computer savvy. How important is having a website for my business?

A - The internet is the way to connect to the world. Even if your business is locally based, having a website means allowing the world to know who you are. Or at least it allows your clients and potential clients to keep up with what you can offer them. That is only if you put your site out there.

Q- Put my site out there, what do you mean?

A- There are millions and millions of websites on the Internet. You have to let it be known to the world that your site is there. Search engine optimization is very important in that regard. In a consultation, we can talk more about that.

Q- How do I get started?

A- Well, to start off you need to consider what would be an appropriate name for your website. It's called a URL. It would be helpful to pick a name that makes mention of your company name and your product. We'll help you figure it out.

Q- I know the name I want to use for my website, how do I get the name?

A- The name needs to be purchased from a particular company. A website address is like owning property, it is yours and can be sold or rented at any time. PRL DESIGNS can register the web address for you.

Q- Will it be expensive to buy the website address?

A- No. In fact, we can get it for your for less that the average price.

Q- Well, what do I do after I buy a website address?

A- You need to find a company that will do what's called "host" your site. That basically means the company will enable your site to be "seen" on the World Wide Web.

Q- How much will it cost to host?

A- PRL DESIGNS can provide hosting for you at a comparable price.

Q- So I have a website address and someone to host, what now?

A- Well, that is where PRL DESIGNS specializes in helping you to design your website the way you want it to be. We will need to consult to find out what are your needs, purpose, and ideas. We will help you to develop a site that will be easy to navigate, interesting to look at, and will keep your customers coming back again and again.

Q- I have a friend who doesn't have a business, but still wants to have a website, can he do that?

A- Of course, many people have personal websites developed for all sorts of reasons...and we can help him with that also.



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